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Sticky Wilds

What are 'Sticky Wilds'?

In online slots and video slots, wild symbols have become increasingly common. They are substituted for any other symbol on the play screen, to complete a winning combination. Sticky wilds are like standard wilds, but they remain on the screen during the next spin and subsequent spins. They are a common feature of bonus rounds but are rarely seen in regular play. Sticky wilds can build up some substantial wins for the player as they accumulate.

'Sticky Wilds' Explained

When players play video slot games, many of the symbols have additional features. As well as creating winning combinations, the symbols might open bonus rounds, or create multiplier opportunities. There are lots of ways that wild symbols can come into play during the game. One form of wild symbol is the sticky wild. These have the same appearance and function as a normal wild symbol and can complete any combination by substituting for another symbol. However, they can also 'stick' to the playing screen and remain on the reels for the next spin and a designated number of future spins.These wilds might remain for several spins and each subsequent win can add more sticky wilds to the screen. Because the wild symbols can quickly stack up during sticky wild play, players can achieve big wins through this style of play. The feature is rare in standard slots play but is often part of an enhanced play round, such as a bonus feature. Slots with sticky wilds and similar bonus features tend to have a higher level of variance and sometimes cost more per spin, but the chance of a big win is raised through the use of sticky wilds. Players can often experience sticky wilds for free before they make a cash play, by trying out the game in demo mode.