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What is 'Rolling'?

In dice games like craps, 'rolling' is the act of throwing a die or several dice at the same time, in order to land a score. The person rolling the dice in craps is known as the shooter. In the casino, 'rolling' chips are those given to high rollers instead of cash chips, usually when the player is using credit lines to play. The rolling chips are not cashed in, but are returned and the player is paid a percentage, minus the casino cut and any associated credit fees.

'Rolling' Explained

Many casino games use dice and these dice are thrown to land a number. The dice 'roll' across the table when thrown, so the process is known as 'rolling'. However, in craps the 'roll' is often known as the 'shoot', or 'shooting'. 'Rolling' is much more frequently used in British English.'Rolling' can also refer simply to wagering at the casino tables. A 'high roller' is somebody who bets high amounts and does so often - usually one of the casino's VIP guests who gets the best comps and rewards. A player who is 'rolling' might just be playing, regardless of the value or time spent. Play can also be said to be 'rolling', either positively or negatively. Luck might 'roll' the player's way, or fortunes might 'roll' away from the player.In casino play, 'rolling' chips are those which are bought and returned on a credit system, usually only distributed to VIP players so they don't have to bring high amounts of cash to the tables. Casino revenue accounts for these rolling chips by taking the amount of chips returned to the casino from the amount paid by the player. Any positive difference is returned to the player and any money owing is requested as payment.