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Mystery Jackpot

What is a ‘Mystery Jackpot’?

A mystery jackpot is sometimes referred to as a mystery progressive. It is a jackpot which is controlled by the casino or the online site and will get bigger and bigger the more games that are played.

‘Mystery Jackpot’ Explained

Often when you go into a casino you will see a large cash amount on display in the slot machine area. That is a mystery jackpot amount and as cash is wagered on the slot machines this number will grow and grow until there is a winner.A mystery jackpot or progressive will be assigned a minimum and maximum number, and when this range is hit the win will occur.That means that you have a much greater chance of winning this particular jackpot during this time period. If you do win the mystery jackpot you will win a much greater sum of money, as these jackpots are always much bigger than the ones offered on slot machines.If you load a casino app or console you will see a number of progressive jackpots. The player doesn’t know when those jackpots will be won but the logical rule of thumb is that the larger the amount is, the closer it could be to paying out and might be worth keeping more of an eye on than a lower figure.That isn’t always the case, but these jackpots don’t get paid out as often as normal jackpots, therefore the sums in them will often take a while to build up to get into the pay out range.The other beauty of the mystery jackpot is that you don’t always have to hit a winning combination to win the big prize. Just playing at the time that it pays out can be enough to win big. Mystery jackpots offer the chance to go away with bonus cash and huge prizes.