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Loyalty Points

What are 'Loyalty Points'?

Loyalty points are a bonus incentive scheme used to keep players dedicated to a single house. Each house is likely to have its own style of point system that isn't transferable to any other operation. The points are the building block behind any loyalty scheme or system - a simple-to-follow tally of points that can be monitored and accumulated to access rewards or new statuses within the house. Sometimes presented as simple numbers, they can occasionally be displayed as a solid financial figure depending on the establishment. At its heart, the points are designed to keep players rooted, making them feel a connection with the house. This system is employed by an array of businesses, such as supermarkets and coffee shops. However, the rewards from accruing a great number points from a casino will generally be much greater than a free granola bar or discount coupon for soup.

'Loyalty Points' Explained

The key word here is 'loyalty' - people often respond better to situations and activities when things can be measured in solid numbers. If a casino were to simply offer spontaneous rewards or gifts, it would be a pleasant experience, but not knowing when the next one might appear could encourage players to move on to a rival operation for a new experience.By clearly explaining on a board or pamphlet how points are gained, players will begin to engage in the 'loyalty system/scheme'. How points are gained and what they offer will differ from house to house. For example, some will offer free drinks or general upgrades to the playing experience, while others may even offer a form of playable and redeemable cash.The psychology at play revolves around two aspects. Firstly, it stops players wanting to leave the house with unspent points in their name, keeping them rooted until the points are built up to a useable level, by which point they may have forgotten about leaving. Secondly, it keeps players striving for the greatest amount of points. Houses often employ the use of reward tiers (bronze, silver, gold, platinum, etc.), and the greater the points gained, the higher the tier they will enter. In some cases, gaining a vast amount of points may even be seen as more thrilling than a big financial win.