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Gambling Slang

What is Gambling Slang?

Gambling slang is a general term for all the words and phrases which are associated with gambling. Common examples include snake eyes for a double one dice roll, cowboys for the kings in a deck of cards and a flutter, meaning a bet or a wager. Each game has its own set of associated terms, and there are many slang words and phrases used on the gambling scene in general. The language of casinos varies across different nations and regions, though some phrases are the same anywhere in the world.

Gambling Slang Explained

When a gambler refers to gambling slang, they mean the various words and phrases which have been adopted by the gambling community and which are used in the games. There are many different reasons for using slang terms - some phrases are used as mnemonics, to assist with remembering card patterns, others are used to hide information from punters or from casino staff, and sometimes the gambling language is just part of the tradition of the game.Many forms of gambling have their own forms of gambling slang. Poker is a notable example. As well as nicknames for the individual cards, suits and hands possible in the game, players also assign certain words to the different styles of play, to the types of bets that can be made and to the different players at the table. Horse racing, and sports betting in general, also has its own specific set of jargon which describes the types of bets and the odds on those bets.Inside the casino, there is also a system of gambling slang language which describes the industry and its patrons. Gamblers are often known as 'punters', which comes from 'taking a punt' or taking a chance. Chip and currency values have different nicknames to make betting clearer, and even in bingo each number has its own specific calls, known as bingo lingo. You will experience gambling slang across all games and in any casino venue.