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Front Money

What is Front Money?

The term front money is simply used to refer to a certain amount of money that a gambler will deposit with a casino before going to the tables to play. Sending front money to a casino can be advantageous in a number of ways.

Front Money Explained

When a gambler is thinking about wagering a lot of money at a casino, they will often choose to send that amount of money to the casino ahead of time. The casino will then give the player credit for the amount that has been deposited, and the player can proceed to the tables.Sending front money to a casino is favored by gamblers for many reasons. First and foremost, a gambler may not wish to walk into a casino with a huge amount of cash, for obvious reasons, nor might they want to transport large stacks of chips from the counter to the table. Front money solves these problems, as players can simply call for chips when they are sat at the table, and a casino employee will approach the table with a form for the player to sign. Once the gambler has finished playing, their chips will be taken away again. It may be that they have less chips than before, or more.Aside from the stresses that front money takes away from a gambler, it is also useful when it comes to sweetening up the casino. If a casino receives a large amount of money from a gambler, then they can be confident that the player will wager this money, and that they will make a big profit if the player loses. For players like this, casinos will often organize 'comps' (freebies). These comps could be anything - from a free hotel room, to a free meal at a restaurant. The purpose of comps is to ease a gambler's pain when they lose, meaning that they are more likely to return in the future and place large bets again.