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Draw Ticket

What is a Draw Ticket?

A draw ticket is an entry into a contest such as a lottery, raffle or a Keno game. Players purchase a ticket for the game and get the chance to win a prize. A draw ticket might mean an entry into a draw directly, or it might be a ticket for a number-based game which shows the player's picks for that game. The draw ticket is often the player's proof of purchase, so prizes can only be claimed by handing in the valid ticket.

Draw Ticket Explained

Games such as lotteries and raffles are based on players paying to enter the game and receiving a ticket, which then plays some part in a random draw which could lead to a prize for that player. The 'draw ticket' is the piece of paper or card which has the numbers or details printed on it. Players buy one or more of these tickets to enter the game, and after the game plays out they hand any winning tickets back to the operator, in order to claim their prize.The simplest form of draw ticket game are raffles and tombolas. Players buy tickets with a unique number, word or code on them, and duplicates of every purchased ticket are placed into the draw. One or more tickets are chosen at random, with prizes given to those tickets that are selected.Lottery games are similar, except that players choose a set of numbers and buy a ticket bearing these numbers from the game operator. If the set of numbers drawn in the game match those on the player's draw ticket, they win a prize. Keno is also the same sort of game, but players bet how many numbers on their draw ticket will match those selected in the game.In Keno, a 'draw ticket' might refer to the ticket purchased for a Keno draw. It can also refer to a special sheet which indicates the numbers from a previous draw. This kind of draw ticket usually comes with punched holes, so players can line it up over their Keno ticket to quickly check for number matches.