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Customer Service

What is 'Customer Service'?

The co-founder of MSB Donald Porter states: "Customers don’t expect you to be perfect. They DO expect you to fix things when they go wrong." In these terms, casino customer service is a way of identifying and resolving the problems of a service or product through the people who are using and (ideally) benefiting from it - the customers. Some of the best customer service occurs soon after a service has been rendered. For example, nowadays, companies will immediately send out an email to invite people to give feedback for the service just rendered to them via phone or email. Customer service can also occur as a live interaction between the company and customer via face to face conversation, telephone and, increasingly, online chat. In gambling, customer service is highly important.

'Customer Service' Explained

With the advent of the internet, and increasing competition, Talisma claim that gaming sites have massively improved their customer service in three areas; responsiveness, new interactive channels and accuracy of information. For example, most gaming sites today offer online chat. Some of the bigger companies even offer 24 hour online services. Even in the technology age, however, people still prefer to chat to someone on the phone. Since 2006, Talisma claim gaming sites are answering 90% of their calls within a 10 second time-frame.As the only contact between the customer and the business, it is essential that a successful company gives a good impression. Statistics show that 50% of people that receive bad customer service won't even bother to complain. They will just stop using the product or service altogether. On the other hand statistics show that 46% of American consumers that receive good customer service will not only keep coming back, but will recommend the product or service to a friend. Even someone contacting a company to complain will give the business a second chance if the problem is fixed within a reasonable time-frame.Customer service, especially in gambling entails a variety of factors to be successful. Firstly, the customer should be answered promptly. Secondly, customer representatives should be trained to deal with customers in an emphatic and courteous manner. Thirdly, a customer should only have to contact customer service once before his or her problem is seen to be resolved. And finally, the business should always follow up to ensure everything went smoothly.