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Casino Manager

What is a 'Casino Manager'?

A casino manager is responsible for the day-to-day running operations of a casino, including all gaming operations, the management of casino staff and the enforcing casino regulations.A casino manager is often a visible figure within the casino environment – with many casino managers regularly “walking the floor” to discourage cheating gamblers and ensure that casino staff and visitors are both complying with casino regulations. Depending on the level of gambling establishment, a casino manager may also be required to take care of important guests or high-profile gamblers – which can include supplying them with complementary rooms and meals.

'Casino Manager' explained

A casino manager’s main goal is to ensure that the casino runs efficiently and adheres to gambling standards and regulations, at the same time as keeping casino guests happy and spending money within the establishment.A Casino Manager will not only be responsible for the hiring of personnel but also the training of new staff, and the firing of those who do not meet the standards required by the casino.The manager’s role encompasses the monitoring of profits and losses within the casino, as well as dealing with any players who are under suspicion of cheating. The casino manager is also responsible for resolving disputes between guests or between players and casino staff, as well as handling guest inquiries and discrepancies. In some of the bigger casinos, managers can also be responsible for sales in certain areas of the business – such as event tickets and conference suites.Online casinos have dedicated casino managers too. Their role is similar to that of a land based casino but they will generally be dealing with players via email or telephone instead of face to face. As a player in a casino, you should always be respectful and polite to the casino manager, and never argue with a member of casino staff. Discrepancies should be handled quietly and without causing a scene. In the case of serious issues with casino guests, it will ultimately be the decision of the casino manager as to whether or not someone is banned from the establishment.