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Cashier’s Cage

What is 'Cashier's Cage'?

The cashier's cage refers to the most important part of any casino. It's where players swap their money for chips before hitting the casino floor, and where they cash those chips in on their way out. If you see players at a cashier's cage after playing at the tables, you can assume they've had a good day at the casino and made a decent profit.

'Cashier's Cage' Explained

Casino cashiers are not simply cash handlers, their duties and responsibilities extend far farther than that. If a player wishes to receive their winnings via check (cheque), the cashier will authorize the necessary forms. Cashiers are also able to issue loans to players, or accept non-cash payments from players, again by signing and processing the correct forms. Some of the most experienced casino players often receive a loan on behalf of the casino from the cashier as they have built up a relationship with the casino staff over a long period of time.On top of all these varied exchange processes, cashiers must also be security conscious as, obviously, they are dealing with a lot of cash and are highly visible to potential thieves. Luckily, cashier's cages, across all casinos, are very well protected to prevent loss through theft. This security could be obtained using bulletproof glass, bars or cages. Whilst cashier cages are highly visible - they are most often the first thing a player encounters upon entering a casino - casino bosses have ensured they are impenetrable in order to protect both their staff and the casino's vast amounts of cash.For added security, many casinos also employ a cashier supervisor to work alongside the cashier in the cage. This is for the benefit of the player, the cashier and the casino as a whole. A cashier supervisor reassures the player that their money and chips are exchanged correctly, by eliminating human error. This works in favor of the cashier too, as, with the support of the cashier supervisor they won't have to face any disputes over exchanges with players. Finally, from the casino bosses' point of view it is well worth employing a cashier supervisor, as they can then be sure that there is no corruption within the cashier's cage. In the past, some cashiers have been found to be colluding in money laundering schemes, and other types of fraud, alongside players in the casino which have been known to cost casinos tens of thousands of pounds.