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Bonus Round

What is a Bonus Round?

A bonus round is an extra round or section whilst playing a game that generally comes at no extra cost but still enables you to win money or prizes. This normally occurs either by chance or by achieving a certain goal during the game, enabling the player to partake in the bonus round. Bonus rounds can ultimately lead to a bigger payouts. Usually, when players talk about Bonus rounds they are referring to slot games.

The Bonus Round Explained

Certain games will have a bonus round at some point in order to entice you to choose to play it over other similar games. The bonus round can come at any time and completely depends on the game you are playing.There are many bonus rounds, but the most popular one is the "free spins" feature, that only occurs after you have a certain amount of icons either aligned or scattered on the screen. The free spins bonus round will give you a certain amount of free spins, which is generally dependent on a number of certain icons that appear. This then enables you to play the game and win money without having to invest anything on those spins. Iron Man 2, for example, is a great game with free spins where you can ultimately win up to 100x the amount.Other popular bonus rounds include features that will have you take risks by choosing certain boxes where you might have a 50/50 chance of earning more money or more free spins. This is quite prevalent in the "Labyrinth of Egypt" game which is a lot of fun to play as it has 5 stages of bonus rounds with great cash prizes.Ultimately you'll want to find a bonus round that is uncomplicated and easy to both win and understand. Sometimes a bonus round will be too difficult to attain, thus making the game more frustrating than anything else, whilst a bonus round that is easy to understand will generally be a lot easier to play and a lot more enjoyable. Find a game with a bonus round that's right for you and you'll have a lot more fun playing it.