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Sites and services

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We do not offer individual gambling advice

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We don’t vet those offering gambling services on customer service or investigate their solvency. As information provided on our Site can vary widely based on your particular circumstances, you must make decisions based on your own research, and your own personal circumstances.

Content Limitations

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Age limits and laws pertaining to gambling in other jurisdictions should be adhered to in relation to the usage of this site.

Privacy Policy

Privacy is important to Casinopedia and we urge readers to familiarise themselves with our privacy policy.

Licence to Use Content

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Promotional offers and rewards

A range of promotional offers and rewards may be available from Casinopedia. In some cases you will be provided separate terms and conditions that users must agree to in order to qualify to be included in such promotions. Certain promotions will be issued at Casinopedia’s sole discretion and are not eligble to be transferred, bartered or sold or used for a purchase where payment is made using payment details, such as on a credit card or online via PayPal. Incentives and promotions such as this are not be considered a method of payment. These are issued without any exchange of money or value from you and you have no vested property right or interest in the incentives. Casinopedia reserves the right to cancel any incentives or promotions programmes, or the user’s eligibility therein, for any reason or no reason at all, including, if it determines in its sole discretion that the user has broken these terms, the terms specific to any promotion, incentive or reward, or the rest of our Terms of Use. Casinopedia reserves the right in its sole discretion at any time and without prior notice to users, to add to, remove or otherwise change the terms applicable to the issue and use of any promotions, incentives or reward or any similar program.


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