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Guide to No Account Casino

Signing up for an online casino has historically been a pain. You have to fill out a long form, verify your identity, and wait for the information to process.

After that, you have to make a deposit using either a debit or credit card. There are sometimes other options as well, but all these options have one thing in common: they take forever. Nobody wants to sign up for an online casino or card room and then wait to play. You also have to undergo the KYC process, which can cause problems for players who want to scratch their gambling itch without the wait.


Luckily, new payment methods have come out that allows you to sign up immediately and begin to play within minutes. These methods aren’t fly-by-night operations, either. Legitimate institutions that you can trust are in charge of these methods.

Trustly and Bank ID casinos are taking European online gambling by storm. Here’s what you need to know about using a Pay N’ Play casino and the process of signing up for their services.

Trustly Pay N’ Play

Pay n’ play was the first product on the market that streamlined the registration process for online casinos. The premise is simple: play your favourite games quicker by making a deposit through your bank account instead of a debit or credit card.

Trustly connects to your bank account for ease of sign-up. Since your information is already filled out, you don’t have to worry about filling out another form to play on a website.

Generally, the transfer of funds to an online casino only takes a few minutes. Afterward, you have full access to the casino of your choosing as long as they are in Trustly’s Pay N’ Play network. Withdrawals happen as fast as deposits, meaning that you can get your money immediately instead of waiting weeks or months.

Pay N’ Play is the combination of three Trustly services combined into one exciting opportunity for gamblers. To understand how the system works, we first need to discuss Trustly: who they are and what they provide to consumers.

Who Is Trustly?

Before the rise of bank accounts, customers made payments in cash. Transactions were easy and didn’t require customers to fill out long forms. There were no delays; you paid for something and got what you wanted right away.That’s not the case anymore. Now our money gets deposited into a bank account. Customers use their bank account to go online and shop for products all over the world. For these transactions, they often have to use bank cards and give their personal information each time they make a purchase.

Every time you give your information to a website online, it’s dangerous. Someone could intercept that information and use it to either take your money or identity. Transactions aren’t as easy and safe as they used to be when you’d slide 20 quid across a counter and get what you wanted.

Furthermore, debit and credit card transactions increase the cost of goods. These cards represent middlemen that charge companies a transaction fee. Businesses pass those transaction fees on to the consumer by raising the price of their goods. Imagine if you didn’t have to pay those fees though.This new type of payment system requires new solutions. Trustly began in 2008 with the mission of simplifying online transactions. From their humble beginnings in Sweden, they now operate in 29 European countries and process over two million transactions a month.

The company is an authorized payment institution supervised by the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority. They have the permission of the EU to provide payment services across Europe. They’re a trustworthy and experienced company to do business with.

Trustly is directly connected to BankId, a service that makes Pay N’ Play possible. Let’s look at what BankId is and how it helps to protect your money.

Who Is BankId?

In Europe, you have to provide a national ID number to get a bank account. Like a social security number in America, it’s used to verify your identity and as a way for the government to keep tabs on its citizens. When signing important documents or agreements online, however, it’s difficult to verify your identity. Anyone that gains access to your national ID number could use it to steal your identity and sign up for credit cards, services, etc.

BankID protects your bank account from this by assigning you a separate identification number for access to your account. The service assigns you an E-ID number and a security code. To verify your identity, you must input both.

Combined with Trustly’s services, Pay N’ Play provides a safe way to skip over registration at online sites. You can also deposit and withdraw money right away since the Pay N’ Play service verifies your identity.

How Does Play N’ Play Work From The Consumer Side?

The process for signing up to a site is easy. First, you pick a Pay N’ Play casino to play at. Then, you’ll log into your bank account through Trustly’s iframe and verify your identity. Once your deposit goes through, you’re registered and able to start playing immediately.

Once you’re ready to cash out, you’ll click on the withdraw option, which takes you to the Trustly casino direct bank transfer screen. Choose an amount to withdraw and the money goes into your bank account in a matter of moments.

How Do Online Casinos Use Pay N’ Play?

There are two models that online casinos can choose from when integrating Pay N’ Play. The first is a pure integration, in which Pay N’ Play is the only payment processor the site uses. A lot of new companies decide to go this route because of the ease of setup.

Trustly does most of the hard work for the casino. They handle the registration and payment processes. All the online casino has to do is set up their games and let the gamblers come to them. Since many gamblers prefer Pay N’ Play, they seek out these casinos, meaning that advertising costs are lower as well.

There’s also a hybrid model, which most of the existing casinos are now switching too. Casinos that want to maximize profits need to offer their customers as many ways to deposit and withdraw funds as possible. There’s no reason not to diversify their offerings. With Pay N’ Play, they become able to deliver faster payouts and deposits without having to change the way they do business.

The downside to the hybrid model is that there isn’t a “resume playing” button. Players must either make a new deposit to play or log in using a username or password. With the pure model, the player doesn’t need to do this.

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Advantages For Players Using Pay N’ Play Casinos

We’ve stated many of these advantages before, but we’ll go over some of them again. First, it’s easy to find a casino and begin gambling in a matter of minutes. The hardest part about the process is having to select a company. From there, you deposit money and start gambling within ten minutes. It’s the fastest way to go online and gamble.You also don’t have to register for every site. Once you register with Trustly, you’re done. They transfer the information to the casino for you in the background as you make your deposit.

From a safety aspect, players can trust the casinos that use Trustly. Pay N’ Play isn’t going to associate themselves with casinos that aren’t registered and legal. They also allow you to get your funds immediately, so you don’t have to worry about long payouts that might never come.

For an example of how bad it can get when dealing with less than reputable companies, look across the pond to American players. On April 15th, 2011, or ‘Poker’s Black Friday’ as it’s know in the U.S., the United States Justice Department stepped in and shut down online poker sites. Most American players awoke that day to discover that they couldn’t log in to their accounts and their money was in a sort of limbo.

Since that day, players in America have found websites that allow them, but many of them aren’t regulated in trustworthy jurisdictions. Many of these online casinos run multi-level-marketing or pyramid schemes, in which new deposits get used for payouts. This causes many players to wait upwards of three years to receive their payouts, with some people realizing that they’ll never see their money.

Pay N’ Play eliminates this possibility for European gamblers. Is it a pain to register sometimes for European casinos? Of course. Is it better than what our American friends are going through? Absolutely. Pay N’ Play also gives European players more options. It’s easier for a gambler from Britain to play on a Swedish gambling site and vice versa. Since Trustly partners with sites all across Europe, it opens up the entire continent to gamblers.

Advantages For Online Casino Owners

Part of what makes Pay N’ Play so successful is that Trustly makes life easier for the casino operators as well. Pure Pay N’ Play brands seen an 82% increase in average monthly deposit volume vs. traditional online casino brands. Online casinos make their money two ways. First, for regular casino games, they make money by “beating” the player. If you deposit 100 quid into a casino and lose it playing slots, that money belongs to the casino.

They also make money by taking a cut of each pot in table games such as Texas Hold Em and Stud. In this, they set aside a certain amount of the pot for each hand played, with most capping the cut at around five Pounds or Euros. More deposits mean more money for the casino, regardless of how the player chooses to gamble their funds.

There are also, on average, a ratio of 128% of deposits to withdrawals. Even though players can withdraw their funds faster, casino operators aren’t seeing diminished returns. If anything, profits increase for casinos. More players feel comfortable gambling knowing that they can withdraw winnings immediately. Wouldn’t you rather risk more money for a bigger payout knowing that you’d get your money right away? Since the majority of gamblers don’t receive a large payout, the more people willing to risk their money means higher earnings for operators.

Online casinos that use Pay N’ Play also see larger traffic than those that don’t. Over the first seven months of using Trustly, casino operators report an average increase of 124% player growth. There are two main reasons for this.

First, it boils down to trust. We talked about more people willing to risk money for larger payouts, but the same is true for smaller amounts as well. If someone wants to invest a smaller amount of money each week for fun, they are more willing to do so on sites that they view as trustworthy. With Pay N’ Play, it’s easy for these gamblers to find sites they trust. They’re more willing to spend money at a casino that’s already vetted by Trustly.

Second, these companies have free advertising of a kind. Players will either search online for “Pay N’ Play casinos” or they’ll go on Trustly’s website and look at the list of available casinos. Those players aren’t going to sign up for a company that doesn’t offer the deposit option they prefer.

Disadvantages For Players

There are a few disadvantages of Pay N Play as your preferred deposit method. You do have to give up your bank information to Trustly. Some people don’t like giving this information up to a third-party vendor. With that said, Swedish authorities regulate Trustly, and they’re in 29 European countries. They also process over two million transactions a month, and that number continues to grow.

The size and reach of Trustly make this method safer than giving the same information up to a casino that doesn’t use the program. Trustly doesn’t store your bank account information longer than it takes to register you for the casino and transfer your winnings back into your account. We haven’t heard of any problems for people that use the service, but if we do we’ll keep you informed.

There are some privacy concerns as well. Since you’re using your bank account to deposit and withdraw funds, the transactions show up on your bank statements. If you’re worried about your wife finding out that you’re using an online casino, this might not be the best option. The opposing view is, of course, that if your wife doesn’t want you gambling online, it might not be the best decision to do so anyway. As they say, a happy wife leads to a happy life.

Some groups worry that the immediate gratification of instant depositing and withdrawing of funds could see an increase in problem gambling behaviours. Of course, this is a serious concern for everyone. While it’s our belief that everyone has a right to spend their money as they see fit, gambling addiction is a serious disease that takes away the free-will of the gambler.

If you feel that you may have a gambling problem, please seek help from GamCare or from BeGambleAware. These two places can help you determine if a problem persists and provide resources to help you manage problem gambling.

Potential Issues With Trustly

While rare, there have been some customer complaints about Trustly. One of the most common complaints is that for a very small number of customers, they have attempted transfers and had their money disappear. When these disputes occur, it seems that Trustly points to the bank while the bank points to Trustly.

This is frustrating for those that try to transfer money online, but it’s important to understand that these things can occur no matter what service you use. For the vast majority of users, transfers happen without any issues.

Another issue is that sometimes it takes funds a day or two to transfer instead of immediately. This can happen for a number of reasons, most of them involving protecting your account. If you sign up for an account and it takes an extra day, it’s frustrating. However, you should know that the delay happens because the company has your best interest at heart.

Potential Fraud Using Trustly

Anytime a new way of paying for something online comes out, there are those that look for a way to take advantage of it for their own benefit.

With Trustly, this is hard to do because of the BankId verification process. That doesn’t mean that some criminals won’t try. They could set up a fake gambling site and list Trustly as a payment option by disguising their service to the provider as an online store. Once enough people deposit money, they’ll close the “online casino”, pull your deposits out of their fake account, and keep your money. This is difficult to pull off because of the identification needed to open a bank account, but they could execute a number of transfers between various banks and services like PayPal using false information that keeps their accounts active long enough for the scam to work.

There are some steps that you can take to protect your money though. First, only use sites verified as Pay N’ Play casinos. The reason this scam works is because criminals know that people associate Pay N’ Play with Trustly. By using Trustly as a payment processor, they can trick you into trusting them with information that you normally wouldn’t.

You can go to Pay N’ Play’s website to see what companies use their service. You can also look at our website for reviews of online casinos to see who’s trustworthy and who isn’t.

If you ever notice something that doesn’t seem right, contact Trustly and let them know. They will look into the situation and help you determine if you’re dealing with a fraudulent website. They can also help you get your money back if you’ve already been taken in by crooks.

If any other fraudulent issues turn up with Pay N’ Play casinos, we will let you know, but for now, these issues are very limited.

Money Laundering And Tax Evasion

In May 2015, the European Parliament and Council passed the 4th Anti Money Laundering Directive. Given the complexity of money-laundering and tax evasion operations, a concern among law enforcement is that online casinos could be a useful tool for criminals. There are two methods that criminal organisations use to launder money.

First, they could open up their own licensed and regulated casino online. They run these operations by the book. They don’t want local authorities digging into their financial records, meaning that these casinos are the real deal. They have real odds, real payouts, and even bonuses to entice new players.

New players are an essential part of their plan. To launder money, all criminal organisations have to do is include their illegal profits with their legitimate income from the gambling site. Online casinos are the perfect way to do this, as it’s difficult for investigators to trace how much gambling takes place on a day-to-day basis. They could even set up their own people to play in the casino, bumping up the ‘rake’ that they take or profits that they can claim.

To do this, they give their own money to people and tell them to “play”. The person playing loses the money, sending it to the casino. While that money gets taxed, thus causing the organisation to lose some of it, it’s better than having large sums of illegal money. This money becomes almost impossible to trace as long as the criminals follow the laws governing casinos.

The second option is to gamble the money themselves. Granted, they don’t want to gamble all their money because they’d lose it all, but through regular gambling, they set up a situation in which there is a constant stream of deposits and withdrawals from their bank account.

Money moved from gambling sites are very difficult to check. It’s hard to tell whether they are illegal funds or legitimate gambling earnings. When you have hundreds of these transactions, it could take investigators years to comb through them. Criminal organisations know this, so they will split their money up between dozens of people to “gamble”, creating a web that’s hard to unweave.

Money Laundering Regulations 2017 (MLR 2017)

Under this legislation, casino operators have a few new responsibilities to help fight fraud and money-laundering.

First, they must write a risk assessment that declares areas for the casinos to improve in their efforts to fight money-laundering. If they believe that no such areas exist, they must demonstrate that to the governing body. They must also show what methods they have in place to catch those that launder money in their online casino.

Second, casinos must conduct risk-based customer due diligence when they take one of three actions:

  • Establish a business relationship
  • Doubt the information they receive when verifying the information of someone opening an account
  • Suspect either money laundering or terrorist activity

Casinos can deny access to their games to anyone if they suspect that the person lacks credible evidence proving that they are who they claim to be. This is where Trustly comes in. Since they verify the information through banks, it helps casinos verify information quickly.

Third, casino companies must appoint a member of their firm and board of directors as an officer in charge of compliance. The company can no longer outsource the position.The casino companies also take full responsibility for compliance, even if they rely on third parties, like Trustly, to provide them with information.

Companies that don’t follow these rules face stiff fines and have the potential to lose their licenses. Services such as Trustly must maintain extra diligence to ensure that their product meets these objectives. If they were to cause a casino to face fines because their service didn’t catch someone, they would suffer financial consequences. This is why sometimes they might delay a deposit or withdrawal…they have to ensure that you aren’t violating international law.

The Unlimited Possibilities For Trustly And Pay N’ Play

Trustly’s service has unlimited potential. Their service should continue to see major growth over the next decade. It’s possible that companies could use Trustly to pay their employees in the same way many use PayPal. In fact, using Trustly, you can send money to a PayPal account, making it possible for European companies to hire freelancers across the world and pay them through account transfers.

Pay N’ Play isn’t only for online casinos, either. They have deals with mobile games that allow players to pay for online currency and other offers through their bank account. They gain immediate access to whatever they buy without having to worry about sharing their debit card information online.

Given the growth of mobile games, this could become a major market for Pay N’ Play. Games that need new players could cater to Trustly’s customer base by creating special offers for them. This improves their numbers while also giving Trustly a boost in clients. Trustly already has a partnership with the online and mobile game Imperia Online and dozens of others.

Are You Looking For A Pay N’ Play Casino?

If you want to find a no account casino that you can trust, you’ve come to the right place. Our goal is to provide you with all the information you need to gamble responsibly. Whether you need to find a Pay N’ Play casino or want to make sure that the one you’re using is a safe site to place your bets on, we’re here for you.

If you need more information about Trustly and Pay N’ Play developments or want to find the best casino, you’re in the right place. You can look up a new place to play or find out more about online games, such as roulette.

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