Steam Tower Slots

  • TypeSlot
  • DeveloperNetEnt
  • Themeadventure
  • Reels5
  • Paylines15
  • Progressive JackpotNo
Ideal for lovers of Victorian fantasy and steampunk aesthetics, Steam Tower is a five-reel, 15-payline online slots game from NetEnt that promises exciting gameplay and a hard-to-beat 97% Return to Player percentage alongside fun 3D graphics.

Look and Feel

The design of Steam Tower is very detailed, and the premise of the game cleverly combines popular steampunk fashion with cutting edge 3D graphics, and a classic fairytale-style idea. Can the top-hat-wearing protagonist, armed with a steampunk harpoon grappling hook, climb the tower and rescue the princess? Or is the dragon guarding her more than Victorian fantasy technology handle?Lower value symbols are alphanumeric but decorated with steampunk cogs, gears, and flourishes, while the higher value symbols are represented by an image of the hero, his princess, the tower itself, and the eye of the dragon guarding the fair maiden. There is a grappling hook Wild, and a Stacked Wild portrait of the hero which will activate ten free spins and boost the hero’s progress one level.The hero stands to the left of the screen, next to the reels, armed with his grappling hook gun and ready to ascend to the next floor of the tower with every win, and these animated 3D graphics really do add something to the conventional online slots gameplay, making the game feel more goal-oriented.Steam Tower also has an excellent soundtrack, with steampunk-themed music and sound effects that are both very fitting and extremely immersive.


Steam Tower has engaging and fresh gameplay, where every win and free spin round will see the hero fire his grappling hook towards the top of the screen, and climb a little further up the steampunk-themed tower. A terrifying dragon occasionally circles the screen, and coin wins are the only things that will get the hero closer to his goal.The game’s “Floor Meter” shows what level of the tower the hero is currently on, while the “Multiplier Meter” shows the current multiplier and the “Tower Meter” gives a quick at-a-glance reminder of the current multiplier and the hero’s position on the tower.Bets are controlled through the 'Bet Level' and 'Coin Value' selector, with a minimum bet of 0.15 and a ceiling of 150.00. Autoplay and max bet functions are available.


The gameplay in Steam Tower is actually not that complex, but the way the free spins integrate with the central idea of the main game is clever, and makes the game feel more like a series of levels to progress through. The multipliers earned through the Wild, Stacked Wild, and free spins will boost the hero’s progress up the tower, with Floor 1-3 equating to a x2 multiplier, 4-6 to x3, x4 to Floor 7-9, x6 to Floor 13-16. and x7 gaining the hero access to the top of the tower at Floor 18, the ultimate goal.Even if they never rescue the princess, players will surely have a lot to enjoy on the journey!

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