Drive: Multiplayer Mayhem Slot

  • TypeSlot
  • DeveloperNetEnt
  • Themelifestyle
  • Reels5
  • Paylines15
  • Progressive JackpotNo
Drive: Multiplier Mayhem by Net Entertainment may seem quite simple with just 15 paylines, but this sleek online slot packs a punch with huge multiplier potential. This slot is made by NetEnt and is themed around street racing, with a slight futuristic, sci-fi edge. Get ready to race your way to massive wins!

Look and Feel

Everything about Drive: Multiplier Mayhem screams ‘speed’. The slot is in a constant animation, showing your gleaming black car cruising down the road, with headlights beaming. Behind this is a dark city skyline and there’s a gentle synth soundtrack, so you feel like a futuristic racer on the streets of a metropolis. NetEnt have very cleverly reinforced this feeling by making the reels spin at crazy speeds, whirring past in a blur. The car jerks forward eagerly as you get wins, with sound effects to match. You take on the role of redhead Jette, while your opponent racers are Twitch, Hamaki and Bruiser, each with nicely drawn artwork that could be straight from a video game. Wilds fittingly appear as speedometers!


Naturally, multipliers are at the heart of Drive: Multiplier Mayhem. They’re actually multiplier wilds and can appear anywhere, substituting for everything other than nitro and scatter. Depending on the reel they land on, they have a higher multiplier. Reel one gives 1x, reel two gives 2x and so on. This is already very useful, but if you get two multiplier wilds on the same payline, they multiply with each other. So, if you had a 4x on reel four and 5x on reel five, that payline is now multiplied 20x. This is a clever way to give the feeling of acceleration and boosting forward. The minimum bet you can place is 0.15 coins, with a maximum of 75 coins.


This game has a Free Spins feature which revs up when three scatters (which look like a shadowy gang of racers) land on the middle three reels. This changes your view to being in the driver seat, with an opponent to the left. You begin with ten free spins. Once you enter this mode, you’re aiming to collect three nitro symbols, which appear on the same middle reels.Once you collect three nitros you beat your opponent and move on to the next. You begin against Twitch, then Hamaki, then Bruiser. Moving to Hamaki gives you four free spins and one overlay multiplier wild, which will just sit over the reels. Moving to Bruiser gives you three spins and two wilds, then you can beat him again for two more spins and three wilds. These multipliers are key to boosting your wins. Your cash can really skyrocket as you take on this adrenaline fuelled bonus round.

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