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Dragon Slot OVERVIEW

In this Dragon Slot casino review we’ll be diving deep into the offers, bonuses and games provided by this casino. Dragon Slot is a fantasy themed slot machine that features beautiful graphics and gameplay. It uses imagery from the fantasy artist, Ciruelo, who is renowned for creating jaw-dropping fantasy art. He has worked on many great projects in many different ways, but his work for this slot game is something special that cannot be matched. Dragon Slot is made by the game developer, Leander Games, so you know that it will be a high-quality product – it is one of the best they have ever made. The slot has 5 different reels with 20 paylines, as well as great bonus features to go with it. The appeal of the game is in the fight and the bonus features, as the main premise is to have your white dragons defeat the red dragons which will help you to win cash prizes. It also has a FREE spins Bonus feature which gives you up to 25 free spins, depending on your volatility selection of which dragon to fight against the knight.

The backdrop is one of a medieval castle and there is accompanying fantasy music to go with the usual slot machine sounds. The game is fun to play with the black dragon being the biggest payout symbol as this can give you 2,500 if you manage to find 5 of them in a payline. There are many other paylines to keep you going until you hit the bonus rounds.

There can be times though when playing the Dragon slot where you can go through spells of not getting much back, but unlocking the bonus features can make the game more than worthwhile. The immersive graphics translate to any platform, but the game can easily suffer from lag if it doesn’t have the best internet connection, which can be frustrating at times. It also requires the latest software, but that shouldn’t be an issue if you have a smartphone and keep on top of your upgrades.

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It comes with two separate bonus features. As you find the dragon bonus feature on any of the three middle reels, you will activate the ‘Dragon Slot Fight Bonus’, sending out a white dragon to fight your battle against the red dragon. You click to start the battle and if your white dragon wins then you get a cash prize, but if the red dragon wins then you don’t receive anything and your own dragon loses health.

The other bonus feature involves knights which you can find one on either the 1st, 3rd or 5th reels. You will receive a ‘free spin bonus’ where you can choose a dragon to take on the knight, with each dragon having a different attribute of volatility and you have to press a screen of question marks, and if you find the knight, you lose. There are three different dragons with different levels and you select how many question marks you want to press, higher rewards are given for more picks.

Picking your different dragon adds a piece of drama to the game and also a choice of free will on how much you want to gamble. The higher the risk, the higher the reward. For example, the green dragon gives you 4 picks to win, 15 free spins and a 4x multiplier, the blue dragon gives you 6 picks to win, 20 free spins with a 6x multiplier and the hardest red dragon will give you 8 picks for 25 free spins and a 6x multiplier.

Hitting the knight will stop you from getting those rewards, but you’ll still be given 10 free spins and 1x multiplier for your troubles. The rewards in the bonus features can be great and will keep you hooked on the game.

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Dragons have never been more popular with the many appearing on TV, with the likes of Game of Thrones. Dragons have always been popular among fans of fantasy and this game delivers a great visual spectacle which will delight anyone who loves that genre.

This game isn’t just for fantasy fans though; it is immersive and will keep you entertained. While the regular play can become a little tedious at times, you’ll soon forget that if you’re in a dragon battle or trying to avoid a fight. The rewards can be great and it’s a game that will have you coming back again and again.

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