The Rise - and Rise - of Plinko

Plinko stems from the old-school carnival game and first became popular with the hit show “The Price is Right” as early as 1983! Now, crypto casinos have digitized the frenzied cascade of balls dropping down a triangular board, and the world can’t get enough of it!

Offering fast paced action in a straightforward concept has made Plinko gambling the hottest trend so far in 2023. But what makes the game even more attractive to players is the very low house edge – with RTP’s as high as 99% – and huge multiples available should you be lucky enough to hit the max win!

So let’s take a look at all things Plinko, and compare some of the best Plinko gambling sites for you to try!

Where to Play Plink Online?

Here are the top Plinko gambling sites from our testing

With the huge popularity of Plinko, new versions are launching frequently. We aim to keep this section updated to ensure we cover all the latest Plink releases.

There are currently 3 game providers that offer Plinko as part of their portfolio, alongside “Original” versions that have been developed in-house by some of the larger crypto casinos such as Stake, Cloudbet and similar. The gameplay is almost identical in all versions we have seen so far, the biggest difference is in the max payout and house edge variables.

As such, depending on your preferred gameplay (i.e. low risk or max degen mode), you may want to try different Plinko games from the list below.

The Best Casinos for Plinko Gambling Online

Let’s start with the sites that have their own version of Plinko. (Jump to Spribe Plinko Sites, bGaming Plinko Sites, Hacksaw Plinko Sites)

Top Casinos with “Original” Plinko Games

SiteWelcome BonusMultipleMax WinRTPPlay Now
Stake.com1,000x99%Play Now
Rollbit.com10,000xPlay Now
Bitzstars.com1,000x98%Play Now

Spribe Plinko Sites

Spribe’s Plinko version has a lower max payout of “just” $55,500 but does offer lower bet minimums which makes it great for beginners or more cautious players.

SiteWelcome BonusMultipleMax WinRTPPlay Now
Cloudbet.com100% up to 5 BTC
+200 Free Spins
1,000x$10,00097%Play Now

bGaming Plinko Sites

bGaming has two versions of Plink available: standard Plink and Plinko XY. Both games offer a max payout of $100,000, but Plink XY does offer XXXX

SiteWelcome BonusMultipleMax WinRTPPlay Now$2,000 or 5 BTC
+ 180 Free Spins
1,000x99%Play Now

Hacksaw Plink Sites

Hacksaw Gaming only released their version of Plink in 2023, and offer the largest max multiple (outside of Rollbit’s full degen 10,000x boost) at 3,843.3x.

SiteWelcome BonusMultipleMax WinRTPPlay Now

How to Play Crypto Plinko

The concept for the Plinko online crypto game has pretty much been taken one for one from the IRL versions of the game – you are presented with a triangular board, into which balls drop. On their journey downwards, they bump off small pins and their journey becomes a frenzied maze of haphazard bounces. Ultimately, where each pin hits the bottom of the board determines your win – where boxes in the center generally have a higher frequency (and thus lower payout) as opposed to the edges, where you can trigger the max payout multipliers.

To start, you select your bet size. This is different for each casino and can vary from as low as 1c (or even lower, when playing in crypto currency) and go up to as high as $1000 a ball, which has the potential to trigger multiple millions win winnings.

Next, you have to select how many pins you want to play with. More pins increases the variability of your wins, but also opens the door to higher multiples. Most casinos let you change the number of pins in pairs, i.e. from 6, 8, 10, 12, 14 all the way to 16.

You then drop the ball and watch it’s frenzied journey down the board!

The standard view of bgaming’s Plinko game.

Advanced Game Play Features

Once you get comfortable with the way the Plinko game works, you will find that most casinos provide some form of autobet, which makes it easy to drop multiple balls all at once. Whilst this results in a thrill of excitement as you watch the cascades of balls drop down, do take note of how much you’re spending – remember each ball is a bet and stakes can add up quickly!

Let’s look at the autobet feature in more detail and discuss some additional Plinko features which you may find useful.

The Autobet Feature: Turbocharge Your Plinko

The autobet feature allows you to set up automated betting on Plinko, rather than manually place each wager. This speeds up gameplay significantly. Here is how to activate and use autobet:

1. Locate Autobet Button

  • Access the Plinko game interface at your chosen crypto casino
  • Look for a button labeled “Autobet” or “Turbo/Speed Play” to activate automated wagers

2. Configure Autobet Settings

    • Upon tapping the autobet activation button, a popup should appear
    • Here you can set key criteria like: Bet amount per round, Number of automatic bets to place consecutively, Stop Conditions


3. Start Autobet Session

  • Once autobet criteria is dialed in, confirm settings and autobets will begin placing automatically with the visual balls/chips dropping rapidly in sequence per your parameters

4. Monitor & Stop

  • During autobetting, monitor your balance and intervene if needed
  • Most Plinko games allow stopping or adjusting the autobet sequence at any time if desired

With everything automated, you can now sit back and watch the Plinko chaos unfold at lightning speed! Tweak settings occasionally and simply let autobet accelerate the crypto earning process for you.


Provably Fair

You may have seen this message displayed in various Pinko games and have wondered what it means – so here’s a quick breakdown.

Provably fair Plinko games at crypto casinos refer to the ability for players to independently verify the randomness and fairness of each plinko ball drop result. This is made possible by blockchain technology and cryptographic hashing functions.

Here’s a quick explanation of how it works:

  1. Verification algorithms and publicly viewable seed numbers allow players to later confirm that drop results were truly random and not manipulated in the casino’s favor.
  2. Before each plinko ball is dropped, a random seed number is shown that determines where the ball will land. This seed gets input into the verification algorithm after drop completion.
  3. Players can take this seed and input it independently into the hashing functions to confirm the ball’s path and destination slot were correctly computed based solely on the seed, i.e. with no tampering of outcome by casino after seeing bets placed.
  4. By enabling users to prove past plinko drops had outcomes fairly derived from the randomly selected seeds, the games essentially show cryptographic proof that the casino did not cheat or alter results to steal bets after the drop started.

In summary, if you so wished, thanks to blockchain technology, you could verify the full game history and confirm that the outcomes and probabilities are correct according to the game details. This ensures that the game can’t be manipulated in any way behind the scenes by dubious casinos – this provides a level trust and transparency unmatched by traditional online casinos. Crypto plinko runs on uncheatable code, not physical machinery.


Setting your level of risk

Further up in this guide, we briefly mentioned the importance of choosing the right risk level to suit your playing style. Whilst your max bet controls how much you spend, you have an additional lever to use in Plinko gambling that determines how many pins you want to include in your board.

The number of pins or pegs on a Plinko board impacts the probability distribution of where balls can land. More pins increases randomness, lowering the likelihood of accurately predicting the landing slot.

Here’s an overview:

Low Pin Boards:

  • Plinko boards with fewer rows of pins, like 4-6 rows, limit the possible ball paths to fewer forking options
  • This concentrates probability into the center slots
  • Outer prize slots have lower odds of hitting with fewer pin rows
  • Less overall randomness means predicting landing slots is easier

High Pin Boards:

  • Densely pegged Plinko boards with more rows (8+ pins) allow for exponentially more ball path permutations
  • The increased pin rows diffuse probability across more slots
  • Center slots remain highest probability but odds taper more gradually across outer slots
  • Heavily pegged boards have closer payout odds distributed to wing slots
  • Predicting any single slot gets harder with extra pin rows

Adjustable Risk:

Many crypto plinko games allow players to toggle between low, medium and high risk boards in the settings. Lower risk equates to fewer pins, higher risk enables more pins.

This lets players customize game volatility: Keeping pin rows low can target center slot jackpots more easily. Upgrading to high-risk boards spreads probability for a more unpredictable ball drop with big rewards harder to snipe every time.

The Biggest Plink Wins

Who's been hitting the Max Multipliers?

With the likes of allowing rounds of up to $2500/ball, if you were to hit the max multiplier of 1000x, you could walk away with a win in excess of $2.5 million! Whilst we certainly recommend a much more balanced approach to online Plink, we have found a few massive wins for you to relieve below without the need to risk a small fortune!

TRAINWRECKS hits a 1000x with $1k Max Bet

Gamdon player nets $1,6 MILLION in huge Plinko Run

BGaming’s Plinko has made one lucky punter’s day after they netted a total of more than $1.6m while playing the game. The action took place during stratospheric bets, a thrilling part of the game that saw the player max out their stake to $1,000 a ball. Some 2,500 ball drops later and the player was left toasting their incredible success.