People & Culture

We have a team of industry experts who run the affairs of Casinopedia. Our people believe in fully committing themselves to the mission, vision, and culture of the casino site. And we are proud of them. At Casinopedia, we have a culture of innovatively supporting every employee in their quest for personal growth and development. We offer our employees one of the essential ingredients for personal development – enabling dynamic working environments.

Deeply rooted in our culture is commitment to providing all our diverse employees the best working environment, coupled with a chance to grow beyond limitations. Our working conditions make employees comfortable on the job with more drive to work on-the-go. This invariably makes our employees fantastic on the job, eagerly willing to extend the treatment through prompt assistance and technical support to every person who visits Casinopedia.

Our team of experts include industry leaders with vast knowledge and experience of the casino markets. We ensure they are properly groomed in the ethics of the industry with a significant emphasis on responsible gaming for our clients. With us, people come before profits. We are dedicated to safeguarding your journey into the world of online casinos – ensuring you learn something new at every stage of your visit to Casinopedia.


There is no gainsaying that the casino world is fast-paced with different technological innovations springing up newly. The industry comes with new challenges every day, and it is a commendable driving force to our work. At Casinopedia, we stay right on top of growth in the casino sector across various countries and markets.

In an industry that demands a constant need for cutting-edge innovations and borderless growth, we empower every employee in our team the room for fast-paced creativity for innovative solutions. We have built a culture that enables our company to grow together as teams and as individuals for seamless navigations of the industry’s daily challenges.

The industry is diversified with casino lovers at every nook and cranny of the globe – hence, our ability to embrace diversity has allowed us to penetrate different markets and recorded significant success. Our team all work together regardless of the variety of casino markets to achieve a unified goal of commitment to delivering world-class, cutting-edge solutions, and herald responsible gaming.

As the casino industry is vast, we are proud to work with a team who are broad in their in-depth knowledge of online gaming market. We are keen on reinforcing our creation of an industry where an enterprise is duly rewarded.


Join Casinopedia today to grow your career in the desired direction. Our dedication is to create an enabling working environment for all our employees to scale their skills and personally develop themselves towards better professionalisms. Our favorable benefits include flexible job roles with a work-life balance, integrated working relationships across the diverse industry, and rewards for enterprise with daily offerings of new challenges.

We have built our environment on quality and integrity, where you get to express your creative mind without bounds. We have a reliable and credible system where employees do not only discharge their services but also learn how to handle the business side of the profession critically. We help them see the entrepreneurial angle of all innovations and create a knack for more achievements in them.

Our operations are not defied of fun – as much as we work together to build a regulated gambling industry for casino lovers, we do not forget to integrate masses of fun in our work. As a treasured member of our team means that you will not only be able to discharge your duties effectively, but you’ll learn how to enjoy yourself and build a fun-filled working relationship with other team players.

Our Work Towards Safe Gambling

At Casinopedia, we are committed to building a responsible and reliable gambling world. Though gambling is always meant to be a source of fun, excitement, and rewards, there are times when punters go beyond and above the circumference of fun and excitement. And we, as a casino site with pronounced advocacy of responsible gambling, make it effortless for punters to know that gambling turns into an addictive habit with an adverse effect on people’s lives.

We encourage the effective and thorough mitigation of issues as regards safe and responsible gambling. We have measures put in place to control punters’ gambling, and a whole section is dedicated to responsible gaming with links to relevant articles and sources of support. We integrate an alert system that notifies punters when a particular timeframe elapses just to remind you of the time you have spent on the casino site.

We also ensure all casino sites and products promoted at Casinopedia are appropriately licensed and tested. We emphasized specific security measures that are designed to safeguard every punter’s data to operate safely on casino platforms. Our interest and dedication to safe and responsible gambling are fierce, and we adhere strictly to industry standards in our games and content.

Employees Testimonies

See what some of our employees have to say about Casinopedia:

Rob Newman

“As a Psychologist, gambling became a part of me after I graduated from university with a degree in Psychology in the 1980s and wrote several books about gambling. But my interest in the field reached an enormous height when I became an employee at Casinopedia. Thank you, Casinopedia, for making this a home for gambling lovers.”

Lewis Bright

“Casinopedia has provided me an avenue to practice my profession seamlessly. After obtaining my law degree in 1991, I became interested in gambling law and other related subjects. Today, with the conducive working environment created by Casinopedia, I’m a leading authority in gambling law with the ins-and-outs of some of the finer points of legislation.”

Lola McKenzie

“I started playing Blackjack in my late teens which I further developed a mental, systemic algorithm for winning more on slot games. However, without the enabling working environment provided by Casinopedia, I wouldn’t have been able to use my creative spark to introduce some of the exciting features other punters enjoy in our games today.”

Current Job Roles

Here are the current job openings available in Casinopedia:

SEO Manager

We require an SEO Manager primarily tasked with understanding, communicating, and executing all activities related to organic search on relevant search engines with emphasis on Google. Your responsibility includes a concerted effort to see to the growth of on and off-site factors of SEO that drive organic growth and enhanced rankings.

The role requires you to work closely with the team that handles Content, Marketing, and Acquisition to increase both our technical and business KPIs to achieve our goals. You are saddled with the responsibility of gaining higher search rankings across various search engines.

Core Responsibilities

  • Strategic and analytical recommendations for content and site architecture. Track the organic performance of content, site, and products with relevant tools such as Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and others.
  • Staying abreast of trends and latest industry tools to develop a better SEO strategy. Also, you are responsible for LPs/Keywords research to create a roadmap for our SEO campaigns.
  • Keeping track of improvements from the changes that are being made and dutifully reporting them to Head of Marketing and other appropriates departments.
  • Monitoring, analyzing, and reporting performance and other metrics to give insights based on our technical and business KPIs.
  • Qualifications
  • Minimum 2+ years of experience in an SEO role within the gaming industry
  • Result-oriented and experienced in generating enormous traffic via SEO
  • Excellent communication and leadership skills
  • Seamless creative spark

Graphic Designer

We require a graphic designer who will be responsible for delivering consistent and practical designs for our company across various media outlets. You are expected to be able to pay great attention to detail with borderless creativity and accuracy. The role requires you to be self-motivated and be able to work within tight deadlines.

You are expected to work closely with the team that handles Content and Marketing to create a fantastic design for our online presence. The ability to work as a team player as well as a lone worker is essential for this role.

Core Responsibilities

  • Design and produce marketing communications both print and digital for the company.
  • Collaborate with the creative team and internal stakeholders to proffer innovative solutions on the go.
  • Apply style guides creatively and ensuring consistent maintenance of brand identity.
  • Take care of in-house adverts and maintenance checks on all graphics doubling your role as a quality controller.
  • Ensure graphics are optimized for integration, performance, and cross-platform usability.


  • Minimum 2+ years of experience
  • Result-oriented, strong creative, time management, interpersonal and communication skills
  • Ability to use both Windows and MAC OS systems
  • Expert knowledge of InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, and other innovative tools
  • Verse with vector graphics, typography, and photography

Freelance Content Writer

We require a freelance content writer who will be responsible for crafting high-quality, creative content to work alongside our content and marketing teams. The role requires you to be very creative and be able to deliver content as scheduled.

Understanding of SEO and the gambling industry are essential requirements for the job role. Your writing skills and tone of language to mirror and enhance the company’s vision, mission, and business goals. Your content is expected to be well-thought, creative, and attractive to our audiences across various social media platforms.

Core Responsibilities

  • Creating content as scheduled by our SEO, Marketing and other related stakeholders.
  • Editing and proofreading content before publication.
  • Maintaining and enhancing current web content for proper SEO positioning.
  • Collaborating with other departments in need of content to achieve the company’s goals.
  • Writing market news, promotional content, recruitment ads, press releases, casino reviews, blogs, and FAQs.


  • Minimum 2+ years of experience
  • A strong command of the English language and knack for creative writing
  • Result-oriented, strong creative, time management, interpersonal and communication skills
  • Ability to use Microsoft Office applications proficiently


Marketing Intern

We require a marketing intern to work alongside our content and marketing team. The role requires you to organize and market our casino sites and products to the industry targeting the appropriate audiences as presented by our marketing department.

Planning and executing PR alongside the relevant departments and stakeholders. And you must be willing and ready to work on the go for the achievement of the company’s goal.

Core Responsibilities

  • Working hand-in-hand with appropriate departments.
  • Proven ability to market, drive revenue growth and learn on the job.
  • Able to organize and perform result-oriented follow-ups.
  • Usage of several social media tools to market our brand.
  • Representing the appropriate departments in workshops and marketing conferences.


  • Excellent social and communication skills
  • Keen interest in learning on the go
  • Experience in handling social media tools
  • Result-oriented, strong creative, time management, interpersonal and communication skills