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Our mission is to become the largest and best online casino review site in the world, bringing players all the knowledge and information they need to succeed.

Our driving force is our people. Behind Casinopedia is an engine room of expert writers, editors, developers and strategists, powering Casinopedia with the knowledge, ideas, insights and industry connections needed to bring readers the best content possible.

We want every visit to Casinopedia to contribute to a player’s enjoyment and success at the online casino. What’s more, it is 100% free to use and totally independent.

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Casinopedia is an independent website. Our success is measured by the amount and quality of knowledge and insight we can give to players in order for them to succeed.

We will champion anything that gives the player access to more information, a better online casino playing experience, better customer service, terms, conditions, bonuses, consumer rights and more.

If we think players are getting a bad deal, we’ll call it out. The more a player succeeds, the happier we are that we’re doing our job.

Our content

Casinopedia has a rich range of content. Our news articles have all the latest on the current topics affecting players, and our features section seeks to inform, entertain or give sharp insight on all aspects of online casinos.

Separate to news, we might have carefully crafted opinion articles or thought-leadership pieces on what players should be looking out for, as well as fun and frivolous ‘listicles’ and other articles designed to raise a smile.

A vast and ever-expanding resource of casino terminology, game profiles, FAQs, guides and casino operator information aimed at giving players a trove of useful information that keeps pace with fast-changing developments.

A huge resource of guides, games, brands and FAQs

Casinopedia is a trove of information for players. Whether it is basic guides on how to play online casino games, detailed profiles of online slot games, or information on some of the most common brands players might be spending their hard-earned cash with, Casinopedia wants you to be in the know.

Like all of our content, this is a growing and dynamic resource that is being constantly reviewed and updated with the freshest information available. If you’ve spotted something that’s wrong, why not let us know? Contact us via our contact form.

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You may have noticed our very own Casinopedia Seal of Approval badges showing on various casino reviews. We only offer these to resources we have individually reviewed and are satisfied they offer credible, safe and trusted services to their visitors. If you see a website carrying our seal of approval then you can rest assured they are safe to use.

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Who we are

Casinopedia is staffed by hugely experienced editors who aim to bring players all the information they need to achieve success.

The team includes those with a wealth of experience in the online casino industry, a former newspaper editor, a former digital editor and a multi-platform publishing expert.

Coupled with this is an ever expanding bank of Casinopedia contributors, all with specialist expertise in their respective fields. We have trained journalists, vastly experienced reviewers, expert researchers, and those with specific knowledge and skill in the areas in which they write.

We are always on the lookout for talented contributors who have something new to offer. If you are interested or or simply just have a question or would like to provide some feedback, please feel free to contact us.